[Not a bug] Problem with "Choppyness" On an online Game.

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Problem with "Choppyness" On an online Game.

Post by Ness! »

My brother and I were trying to play an online game together; He has the latest Zdoom (57.cab).

Anywho, when we play, he either has it really smooth but has a problem with his freelook. As soon as we fixed that ("Allow freelook" box was unchecked) we found that his fps was incredably low or something else is affecting his gameplay.

His comp is a

P4 2.2
1 gig of Ram
Geforce 4 ti8400 (or something).

I know it's not his computer, any ideas?
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Post by Biff »

Yes, it's probably your internet connection. The ping and/or data rate between the two of you may not be so great and in that case the host should start zdoom with the -dup 2 or -dup 3 argument.

Ping each other's computer and if it's over 200 ms, it'll probably tend to be choppy. Under 100 ms should be good.

It's also possible that other programs running in the background, spyware in particular, may be taking up some of your bandwidth. You can use AdAware or Spybot (?) to check for and remove spyware.

Last thing, reboot computer and don't start other applications which access your sound card, every now and then I used to notice some weirdness if I ran too many apps and surfed the net before playing zdoom.
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Post by Ness! »

Cool, Im going to give it a try tomorrow, Ill tell ya how it was!


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