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Speed Vs. Tics

Post by durnurd »

I'm wondering, what does the "speed" argument of functions like Floor_Raise have to do with time passage in tics (for the purpose of scripting special platform movement)?

With a little experimentation, I've found an equation to convert the velocity to Units per Tic:

v(x) = (28/225) * x

where x is the "speed" you type in and v(x) is the velocity in Units per Tic.

If, then, you have a platform moving A units at speed S, you can find how many tics it will take by using:

T(A,S) = A / (S * (28/225)

Is there a more accurate or easier way to do this?

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Post by Amuscaria »

From what i've found in the past. Whatever speed you put is divided by 8. If your speed is 1, it would take 8 tics to move up 1 unit/pixel, this 1/8 units per tic. If it's 64, it would still take 8 to move that full 64 units, thus 8 units per tic. I'm not sure if I go tthis right, i might have reversed something.
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Post by HotWax »

Incidentally, 1/8 (0.125) is extremely close to 28/225 (0.12444~).
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Post by randi »

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a speed of x will cause an object to move at a rate of x/8 units per tic.

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