[Not a bug] Cannot load external wads in 2.047

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Post by Enjay »

As I've said in other places, I used to be a big fan of the command line. I started using a PC in the pre-windows days when the command line was the only option. I still find many, many functions quicker and easier to do with the command line and batch files.

However, my habit when testing Doom levels is to have them on the desktop. To type

zdoom -file c:\windows\desktop\test.wad

was OK, but with the advent of XP

zdoom -file "c:\documents and settings\admin\desktop\test.wad"

is the straw that broke the camel's back.

I know I could simplify that a little (cut out the -file) and I know I could use batch files, but I've found a couple of nice simple launchers that are little more than a command line in a dialogue box, already pointing at the right directory, and that'll do for me.
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Post by Hirogen2 »

Then do not make such a mess ;)
My doom folder is C:\dx to keep it relatively short. Downloaded zips wander in \dx\wads.in, and when I wanna play em, I decompress the contents down into \dx and just need to type zdoom -file bla.wad [-deh bla.deh].

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