GZDoom 4.12pre/dev issues

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GZDoom 4.12pre/dev issues

Post by CacoKnight »

Occasionally I download new GZDoom Dev builds to test them but this time it's a little different, there is a new interface no big deal but I can't make it load my autoexec.cfg and gzdoom_portable.ini files.

Anyone with the same issue?

Thank you.
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Kappes Buur
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Re: GZDoom 4.12pre/dev issues

Post by Kappes Buur »

gzdoom_portable.ini must be present in the folder where you extracted GZDoom.
In this file you must specify where the various support files can be found, for example
I have my IWADs and autoexec.cfg files in a separate folder -> D:\IWADFS, then in the ini file I specift

# Files to automatically execute when running the corresponding game.
# Each file should be on its own line, preceded by Path=

I start the game with a batch file, such as
gzdoom.exe -iwad DOOM2.WAD -FILE %1 D:\PWADs\MODS\Beautiful PFEnh.pk3 +logfile run.txt
to start the game with DOOM2.WAD and other files

gzdoom.exe -FILE %1 D:\PWADs\MODS\Beautiful PFEnh.pk3 +logfile run.txt
to start from the menu

then when MAP01 is loaded, open the console and type whereisini to find the location of the ini file, eg

Of course, in it's simplest form you can stick all support files into the GZDoom folder.
Or simply use a launcher such as ZDL.

My point is that the paths in the ini file must match the actual file locations.

I hope that will help.
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Re: GZDoom 4.12pre/dev issues

Post by CacoKnight »

Thanks, I'll read that again and try to adjust, also forgot to add, these are my two setting files: https://rentry.org/m9scdi

So, it seems that autoexec.cfg is being loaded since it's where gzdoom.exe is but none of the settings are being loaded, modern/blurry style and everything is default.

You need to load it twice to see the "autoexec.cfg" settings applied in game. The first time GZDoom open it's just to save the settings in "gzdoom_portable.ini". 4.11.x works fine at the first load.

Deleted all and tried from scratch and now it doesn't work anymore. Not sure what is going on. Still checking.

It works fine only if I drag&drop "autoexec.cfg" to gzdoom.exe then close it and reopen again. This means the first dra&drop is only to save the settings inside "gzdoom_portable.ini".

Even the normal way works but the first load is only to save the settings, you have to close it and reopen it again.

There is something going on with the new dev build and how it load the config files, it's not the first time that I report something and I end up being right on how something was changed in the code.
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Re: GZDoom 4.12pre/dev issues

Post by CacoKnight »

I think I figured out what it is:

"gl_texture_filter" is not being saved, only 4 (default) shows on first load.

Even if you type "gl_texture_filter" in console and press enter it will show 0 or 6 or whatever setting you have but it's not actually applied to the game. Confirm the setting number again to apply in game.

Everything else loads from autoexec.cfg.

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