Don't interpolate TNT1A0 frames

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Don't interpolate TNT1A0 frames

Post by Axensus »

Problem: enabling interpolation for every frame via A_OverlayFlags(PSP_WEAPON, PSPF_INTERPOLATE, true) will make PSprites interpolate between frames even for TNT1A0, which results in jumpy weapons across the screen, and it looks truly awful. I suspect this happens 1) because of TNT1A0's size and 2) because of its (0, 0) offset. A "hack" I presume would work would be to use an empty sprite the same size as everything else in the set, in TEXTURES, and with the correct offsets and NoTrim applied, but this engine has enough hacks for me to rely on yet another one. I hope this can be addressed internally so none of us have to do that.

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