Alternate Quake Music Pack Jukebox

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Alternate Quake Music Pack Jukebox

Post by Facínora »

Alternate Quake Music Pack Jukebox is a BGM randomizer I created in order to have songs from Greenwood's Alternate Quake Music Pack being played automatically on Doom. This music pack was created with Quake-like songs that avoid copyright issues for streamers and those who simply don't have the original music of this game and they are quite cool and atmospheric, but the problem is that it was built for this game (Quake). Alternate Quake Music Pack Jukebox then make these tracks work with the other id Software's classic, playing them in an usual Doom jukebox random way.

I used DemonSteele's nowthatswhaticalllmidi-v3.5, the TerminusEst13's mod, with some ACS hacks to create Alternate Quake Music Pack Jukebox. This means that you have some control over the songs playback in-game. You'll just need to bind the jukebox keys in Options. Also the jukebox doesn't have any music, so you'll need to load Alternate Quake Music Pack as well.


Attention: remember that you'll need to run Alternate Quake Music Pack Jukebox along with Alternate Quake Music Pack, because the jukebox itself doesn't have any songs. Don't need to unzip it, load as if it was any other regular Doom mod. I don't think the loading order between them should matter.

Compatibility: I tested it here on GZDoom 4.5.0 and superior and ZDoom 2.8.1. It may satisfactorily in older GZDoom versions or other ZDoom-based ports, but I can't guarantee that you won't run in some kind of error. You can use any registered IWAD or a Freedoom's one.


The following video has English subtitles:

You can get more info here.

I hope its useful for someone.

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