Will ZDoom 2.8.1 work on an old PC

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Will ZDoom 2.8.1 work on an old PC

Post by DoomPlayer95 »

Hi everyone
I know it's a repeatedly asked question but I was wondering if the last version of ZDoom will work
on an old desktop computer with the following hardware:

- An old Asus motherboard
- A 4:3 CRT monitor
- Something around 2GB of VRAM
- 2.8GHz CPU
- Enough GPU to run an older versions of programs like Google Earth (I'm not sure how much exactly)
- A hard disk drive with a maximum capacity of of about 75GB
- Microsoft Windows XP with SP3
- DirectX 10 (I'll send you a pic if you don't believe me! I really don't do myself.)

If not, which version of ZDoom would you recommend I try?

NOTE 1: The computer is from 20 years ago (I'm basically enthusiastic about old things)
NOTE 2: The hard disk was once infected by a computer virus, which highly effected the computer's performance; made it something like 2x slower.
NOTE 3: The computer is incapable of running specific games like chess games which require lots of CPU without extreme lagging.
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Re: Will ZDoom 2.8.1 work on an old PC

Post by Rachael »

I always find these questions kind of silly. If you have the hardware in question, why can't you just answer the question yourself and try it? Why do you even need to ask?
The machine is certainly within specs for ZDoom and nominally would work, but really - just try it.
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Re: Will ZDoom 2.8.1 work on an old PC

Post by Phredreeke »

I don't get why it wouldn't run. Though 2GB VRAM sounds bizarrely high (not that it would matter since ZDoom only has software rendering) in contrast to the rest of the specs.

Be sure to tell us how many fps you get on NUTS.WAD

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