Android GZDoom detects but can't open PK3 format

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Android GZDoom detects but can't open PK3 format

Post by DoomPlayer95 »

Hi everyone
So I was experimenting with PK3s a few days ago and noticed that the so-called Android version of GZDoom can't open
PK3 files (which are technically just ordinary ZIP files with a fancy extension) and keeps crashing without an error.
I attempted tp fix this several times by changing the file extension to .zip, extracting the contents of a file, re-zipping
the created files, and changing the extension back to.pk3 .

The thing is, ZDoom supported PK3s and I'm not sure why a more advanced port can't do the same thing properly.
As said in the Subject part, it is able to detect them as a supported format but will suddenly crash on load and return
to the file selection screen.

PS: The GZDoom version is 2.1 Pre. I know it's too old but I can't use a newer version cause I have a low-end PC.
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Re: Android GZDoom detects but can't open PK3 format

Post by yum13241 »

Because the "GZDoom Android" thingamabob was abandoned ages ago. Most likely a DECORATE error occurred. You're honestly better off with Delta Touch.

As for the old PC thing, maybe try GZDoom with the OpenGLES backend.

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