New Upscale Release - AniDoom - All Commercial Doom Versions

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New Upscale Release - AniDoom - All Commercial Doom Versions

Post by swampfliez »

New to the Doom mod community but not the software industry. Thought I would share my upscale mod project that went live on Mod DB this morning. AniDoom Upscale Pack. All original Doom assets upscaled with AI Anime16k.

Any thoughts, profound or mundane, are welcome.


Screenshots: ... 5-CB78.png ... 8640-D.png ... 358-FF.png ... F46201.png

Download here: ... om-1-0-pk3
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Re: New Upscale Release - All Commercial Doom Versions

Post by Vordenko »

Hey, it might be better if you also included screenshots and more information in your post here. Users will be more inclined to check it out if you do so, first impressions matter a lot, and you will grab their attention right away from the start.
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Re: New Upscale Release - AniDoom - All Commercial Doom Versions

Post by mike3k »

Looks nice but it would be even better if it could upscale voxels :)

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