[WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by yum13241 »

How would I add compatibility for my own mod? It uses the RRWM Reload System, and it uses new ammo types. The mod is extremely volatile and I haven't released it yet, so I can't just throw it out there.
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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by mamaluigisbagel »

The compatibility for Led's Generic Weapons Mod will need to be updated now that the Pistol Ammo's name has been changed, and possibly more.
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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by Impulse9 »

Go on please! I love this work. Thx.
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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by Coolmc2222 »

great hud! I'd love to see you continue to update this one day.
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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by FelesNoctis »

I apologize for my being gone all this time! Unfortunately my reasons are generally medical, and persistent, and tend to come in waves that can put me out of commission for months at a time. Let me tell you, it can be extremely frustrating to have all these things I want to do, but have zero brainpower to do so. At the very least I have my notes I can refer to.

With the upcoming release of Brutal Doom Platinum v4.0, there will of course also be an update to the HUD. Unfortunately this time it won't make it out in sync with BDP's release (I'm actually working on another project with the team set to go live at the same time!), but I'll do my very best to get it up to speed ASAP. Testing shows that the HUD's support for BDP3.1 is still mostly functional with the dev copy of BDP4.0, so it'll at least hold the line until I give it the proper polish!

After support for BDP4.0 is fully implemented, then I'll start going down the list of everything else and getting them fixed up as well. From there it's back to fussing with new support, brain forgiving. I'd like to get rid of those console errors as well, but trust me when I say it's a mountain of purely cosmetic changes, so I feel that getting mod support done first is the more practical goal.
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Re: [WIP] HXRTC HUD Platinum v0.60

Post by orbittwz »

Hey there!
I was wondering why are you updating the HUD for older doom ports??
BD has been updated and continued to by bloodwolf333
https://github.com/BLOODWOLF333/Brutal- ... -Expansion
I'm not sure about the updated work of BDP but this one is my go to port for BD.
PB on the other hand is still the main repo but the staging build
https://github.com/pa1nki113r/Project_B ... PB_Staging

let me know if my comment is fine :)

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