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Post by strangelove »

Hi, its just a rusty barrel with a texture :)
As doom used photography for much of its sprites, it makes sense to use 3d objects texture mapped for a similar style & for easier and better control lighting and animations for sprites.

of course you guys already know this, but i say to show this barrel at different resolutions...

doom_rusty_barrel_regular ... el_reg.jpg
doom_rusty_barrel_atmospheric ... _atmos.jpg

doom_rusty_barrel_regular low-res 1 ... ow1%29.jpg
doom_rusty_barrel_regular low-res 1 ... ow2%29.jpg

doom_rusty_barrel_atmospheric low-res 1 ... ow1%29.jpg
doom_rusty_barrel_atmospheric low-res 2 ... ow2%29.jpg

the texture is a free texture from which i modified & made seamless for cylindrical mapping, although if you zoom in you can see the join is not yet perfect.
for a doom sprite would need to render the images using Orthographic projection / viewport, so that edges etc stay straight etc.

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