Wolfenstein 3D Texturepack for Doom (v3.2.3)

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Re: Wolfenstein 3D Texturepack for Doom (v3.2.3)

Post by Craneo »

Another update out, kinda forgot some of the changes since I didn't keep a changelog through but some of the new stuff are tweaked ICKWALL, GRASS and VINE textures as well as better fire walls and a new impaled moving body
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Re: Wolfenstein 3D Texturepack for Doom (v3.2.3)

Post by Rex705 »

Now if only this was a PBR texture pack :shock:
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Re: Wolfenstein 3D Texturepack for Doom (v3.2.3)

Post by MeinLebenManst1917 »

Will there be a alternate "Triad" (no, not the Chinese Mafia, instead it's the Antagonists that were originally going to be the modern day Nazis in the canned Wolfenstein 3D sequel which became it's own game and the faction's origin changed) skin file for those if they wanted to play a conversion of the beta Wolfenstein 3D II Rise of The Triad?

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