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Sketch Doom

Post by DeXiaZ »

Hello everyone!

It's a little bit late, but here goes my Sketch Doom mod which I've planned to release on December 10, for the Doom anniversary.

As you can see, this mod turns Doom into pencil sketches on paper (btw, you can disable paper effect).

I've got a feedback already and people says there are few minor bugs with textures. That's a shame, I'll fix it, but later. But I hope you'll enjoy the mod even in current state.

How to make this work:

1) Inside the archive you'll find the Reshade Tool (with GUI). You must use it to patch GZDoom (or LZDoom) sourceport with Borderlands CEL-shading effect (like on video). I recommend to download a standalone pack of sourceport to modify it instead of modifying your sourceport-for-regular-use.

2) Run .bat file and choose the IWAD. At present time it works with only Doom 1/2 (not TNT and Plutonia).

If you find any bugs, please report them in this thread. Sorry for any inconvenience with installing or playing with texture bugs.

You can download the mod HERE.

I hope you will like it.
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Re: Sketch Doom

Post by Valken »

very cool!
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Re: Sketch Doom

Post by Rex705 »

Well, I tried this out but the black outlines just won't show up. I followed all the directions it just won't work it's all white no outlines. The ReShade included in this mod is ancient so dono if that has anything to do with it.

Also you can just simply load the take on me PK3 to play this mod.
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Re: Sketch Doom

Post by Cherno »

Impressive. I hope one day we get a GZDoom that supportsd these shader featuers out of the box, but until then, let's be lucky to have what we have, creds to the GZDoom devs, and keep on modding!
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Re: Sketch Doom

Post by LaughingMan008 »


How the hell do I UNINSTALL this? I can't turn it off.
I even deleted all the files and replaced the GZDoom exe and it still won't go away.
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Re: Sketch Doom

Post by Void Warrior »

LaughingMan008 wrote:*sigh*

How the hell do I UNINSTALL this? I can't turn it off.
I even deleted all the files and replaced the GZDoom exe and it still won't go away.
To return the normal state of GZDOOM, there is only one option that I have turned:

1. Unzip the normal GZDOOM in a different place;
2. Transfer the files you need from the broken folder to the new one and delete the old folder (Replacing GZDOOM files does not work, I checked for myself.);
3. Everything is working again!

This mod also broke GZDOOM for me, which brought down all the settings for me! The creator needs to fix it completely!

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