Less Slippery Doom Movement (May 2018 ZScript rewrite)

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Re: Less Slippery Doom Movement (May 2018 ZScript rewrite)

Post by BROS_ETT_311 »

stainedofmind wrote: Tue Jul 11, 2023 4:39 pm Welp, using yours from now on, cause I've wanted a universal ledge climbing mod forever. Took out the bunny hopping, cause frankly even after reading the code, I'm not sure what it actually does :P
Eyyy thanks for checking it out lol! The bunny hopping isn't perfect in my edit, but essentially, what you can do is hold jump before landing and you'll gain momentum with each successful jump. Hope that makes sense.
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Re: Less Slippery Doom Movement (May 2018 ZScript rewrite)

Post by stainedofmind »

Thanks for the explanation! I'll prolly just keep it out, cause it doesn't sound like a feature I'd ever use.
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Re: Less Slippery Doom Movement (May 2018 ZScript rewrite)

Post by Niekitty »

Okay, I'm only just getting into Doom modding, and still working on my first project. I'm not even really much of a programmer aside smacking an html page around with a big, keyboard-shaped hammer. But the way the player drifts all over drives me INSANE and I've spent... basically half my day off trying to figure this out. Even after reducing player speed to where I wanted it (and to where my borked nervous system could process my surroundings when moving) it took an entire second (timed it. whole second plus fuzz) for my character to come to a stop after letting up on the forward key.
Since I knew I wanted a perilous precipice perched precariously, and I'm enough of a geologist and West Coaster to KNOW that sections of the path would be a few hundred feet down, leaving delightfully panic perpetuating gaps, I had to have an actual degree of movement precision.


Thanks, Nash! =^^=

...now on to the rest of my nightmarish list of things to learn to make MAP01 work the way I want it to...

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