4.8.0: i_soundinbackground not working?

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4.8.0: i_soundinbackground not working?

Post by Rachael »

One feature that became unexpectedly popular was i_soundinbackground - which prior to 4.8.0 had the unexpected consequence of pausing the game when it was false.

In 4.8.0 this changed. I might've been too busy to act on the foresight that this would've caused confusion - and I also forgot to add it as an option to the menu.

To restore i_soundinbackground's original behavior, i_pauseinbackground must be set to false. The two variables are now split and act independently. If you have pause in the background enabled then the game stops - period - sounds included. However, if pause in background is disabled but sound is also disabled, the game will still run, just without sound.

This will be addressed in the 4.8.1 release.

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