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Hexen Mod Bug in ZDoom

Post by Anonymous »

There's a minor bug when using ZDoom to play the "Vaults" add-on for Hexen. On the level named "Mill Born" after I hit all the switches to get the forge going to full power, I have to hit a final switch that can't be hit until the forge is at full power. This switch raises the platform with the clock gear on it that you came to get and spawns some platform sprites so you can walk out to it and get it.

That all works fine, but when I actually get to the platform to actually grab the clock gear, an invisible wall is still up and I have to use the 'noclip' cheat to actually grab it. I think a blockwall linedef that's supposed to be deactivated at that point is not being deactivated. This bug is not present when I play the same level using Doomsday w/ jHexen and I can grab the clock gear to finish the level, so it has to be a problem with ZDoom recognizing how the level is setup.

Post by Anonymous »

Hold off on responding to this. Gettin' 2.0.50 at the moment, and need to try same thing again using 2.0.50. Bug found using 2.0.47i, so hold on. May have been fixed in 2.0.50.
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No luck. Even with v2.0.50, problem still present. Jumping doesn't help either.
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Post by randi »

Fixed. I thought Hexen always passed the three script parameters as the first three local variables to the script, but obviously not. In this case, script 10 is declared as (void), but the line that executes it is ACS_Execute (10, 5, 10, 0, 0). ZDoom took the first script parameter in that special (10) and used it to initialize the first variable in the script, since the script doesn't take arguments. It should have initialized the variable to 0, since it isn't a script parameter.

This confusion resulted because I wrote my ACS machine based on experimentation with Hexen before the Hexen source was released. I'm surprised nobody found this discrepancy sooner, since ZDoom has done it this way ever since it had ACS support.
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maybe thats why i could never beat vaults... :)

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