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ZDoom hang

Post by HotWax »

This is a weird one. The attached map will hang ZDoom quite thoroughly. Although the music continues, nothing else functions and the program must be forcefully shutdown. To make matters worse, ZDoom refuses to give up the screen, so you can't see the CTRL-ALT-DEL dialog, under XP at least. I finally had to put my computer into sleep mode (using a button on my keyboard), and then wake it back up before I could get any results, and that was just a discolored Win XP login screen. Luckily I could CTRL-ALT-DEL over the top of that and force ZDoom to shut down. Once it was gone, the computer resumed normal operation.

I tried it again in windowed mode to avoid the above complications and the same hang occured.

This is a single-sector WAD constructed with DoomBuilder 1.1, so that may be the root of the problem. XWE reads the WAD okay, but when clicking on the MAP01 marker, reports "Menu Index Out of Range". Poorly constructed WAD maybe? In any case, ZDoom should never be compromised in such a fashion by an unruly file, so this needs to be sorted out, methinks.

File below.
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Post by HotWax »

In an effort to deduce what the problem is, I made a second map in DoomBuilder, this time just dropping down 1 sector of 4 lines and a player start (I left the textures and flats at default). This time ZDoom crashed when attempting to start a new game.

XWE gives the same error with the MAP01 marker, so this definately seems to be an issue with the wad DB constructs it's wadfiles.

Crash report:

Tried to read address 01940362
Flags: 00000000
Address: 00466649

Windows NT 5.1 Build 2600 Service Pack 1

GS=0000 FS=0038 ES=0023 DS=0023
EAX=0005fffa EBX=00000000 ECX=00000040 EDX=00000002
ESI=018e0368 EDI=0000000c
EBP=0012fc60 EIP=00466649 ESP=0012faec CS=001b SS=0023

FPU State:
ControlWord=027f StatusWord=0020 TagWord=ffff


Running threads:
00000278 at 00466649*

Loaded modules:
00400000 - 00613fff *zdoom.exe
77f50000 - 77ff6fff ntdll.dll
77e60000 - 77f45fff kernel32.dll
71950000 - 71a33fff COMCTL32.dll
77c10000 - 77c62fff msvcrt.dll
77c70000 - 77caffff GDI32.dll
77d40000 - 77dc5fff USER32.dll
77dd0000 - 77e5cfff ADVAPI32.dll
78000000 - 78085fff RPCRT4.dll
63180000 - 631e4fff SHLWAPI.dll
71ad0000 - 71ad7fff WSOCK32.dll
71ab0000 - 71ac4fff WS2_32.dll
71aa0000 - 71aa7fff WS2HELP.dll
76b40000 - 76b6bfff WINMM.dll
10000000 - 10090fff fmod.dll
77be0000 - 77bf3fff MSACM32.dll
771b0000 - 772d0fff ole32.dll
763b0000 - 763f4fff comdlg32.dll
773d0000 - 77bc1fff SHELL32.dll
76390000 - 763abfff IMM32.DLL
629c0000 - 629c7fff LPK.DLL
72fa0000 - 72ff9fff USP10.dll
003c0000 - 003eafff msctfime.ime
76f50000 - 76f57fff wtsapi32.dll
76360000 - 7636efff WINSTA.dll
76f90000 - 76f9ffff Secur32.dll
51080000 - 510d5fff dsound.dll
77c00000 - 77c06fff VERSION.dll
72d20000 - 72d28fff wdmaud.drv
72d10000 - 72d17fff msacm32.drv
77bd0000 - 77bd6fff midimap.dll
5ef80000 - 5ef83fff KsUser.dll
76fd0000 - 77047fff CLBCATQ.DLL
77120000 - 771aafff OLEAUT32.dll
77050000 - 77114fff COMRes.dll
6ce10000 - 6ce44fff dinput8.dll
688f0000 - 688f8fff HID.DLL
76670000 - 76756fff SETUPAPI.DLL
1c700000 - 1c707fff wishf201.dll
72280000 - 722a7fff DINPUT.DLL
51000000 - 51046fff ddraw.dll
73bc0000 - 73bc5fff DCIMAN32.dll
746f0000 - 74715fff Msimtf.dll
74720000 - 74763fff MSCTF.dll
01730000 - 01736fff iTchHk.dll
0a380000 - 0a386fff kbdhook.dll

Bytes near EIP:
00466639: 00 88 5c 07 04 8d 04 76 8b 35 d4 ad 59 00 d1 e0
00466649: 66 8b 1c 30 66 89 5c 37 02 8b 35 d4 ad 59 00 66
00466659: 89 14 30 8b 35 e4 ad 59 00 b8 ff ff 00 00 66 89

ZDoom version 2.0.50

Command line:
zdoom -iwad iwad\doom2.wad -file autoload\doom\*.wad autoload\doom2\*.wad -file hang.wad
IWAD: doom2.wad

Current map: MAP01

viewx = 0
viewy = 0
viewz = 0
viewangle = 0

Possible call trace:
00466649 BOOM
0046989a call 00466580
004aa900 call 004cae20
004aa90d call 004f49f6
00504c4b call 00504bd0
004cc523 call 00504c1e
0042ce43 call 004695a0
0042d76b call 0042d410
0042a177 call 0042d750
0041b0c2 call 0042a0e0
0041724c call 0041add0
0043042f call 004303e0
0040ae23 call 0040ad70
0040ae23 call 0040ad70
004969c1 call 0040ae10
00496ac3 call 004f49f6
00493b73 call 004172a0
00493e85 call 004937c0
004f7eaa call 00493e10
004f7d3e call 004f57a0

Stack Contents:
0012faec: 000005e4 00000000 0012fc60 000005e1 ········`·······
0012fafc: 46d270c8 46f0cabf 00000000 0046989a ·p·F···F······F·
0012fb0c: 00000000 00594160 00000000 004aa900 ····`AY·······J·
0012fb1c: 018d8358 003a4a40 00000020 003a4924 X···@J:· ···$I:·
0012fb2c: 00000003 0012fb40 004aa90d 00000000 ····@·····J·····
0012fb3c: 01901944 03020100 07060504 0b0a0908 D···············
0012fb4c: 0f0e0d0c 13121110 17161514 1b1a1918 ················
0012fb5c: 1f1e1d1c 23222120 27262524 2b2a2928 ···· !"#$%&'()*+
0012fb6c: 2f2e2d2c 33323130 37363534 3b3a3938 ,-./0123456789:;
0012fb7c: 3f3e3d3c 43424140 47464544 4b4a4948 <=>?@ABCDEFGHIJK
0012fb8c: 4f4e4d4c 53525150 57565554 5b5a5958 LMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[
0012fb9c: 5f5e5d5c 63626160 67666564 6b6a6968 \]^_`abcdefghijk
0012fbac: 6f6e6d6c 73727170 77767574 7b7a7978 lmnopqrstuvwxyz{
0012fbbc: 7f7e7d7c 83828180 87868584 8b8a8988 |}~············
0012fbcc: 8f8e8d8c 93929190 97969594 9b9a9998 ················
0012fbdc: 9f9e9d9c a3a2a1a0 a7a6a5a4 abaaa9a8 ················
0012fbec: afaeadac 00000000 b7b6b5b4 005947dc ·············GY·
0012fbfc: 00583ad8 000005e1 0000093e 0012fc20 ·:X·····>··· ···
0012fc0c: 00504c4b 01888094 005947d9 005dbea8 KLP······GY···]·
0012fc1c: 00000403 01888094 004cc523 01888094 ········#·L·····
0012fc2c: 005947d9 005dbea8 005947d9 00000000 ·GY···]··GY·····
0012fc3c: 00594798 54434553 0053524f 00000001 ·GY·SECTORS·····
0012fc4c: 15215150 0012fb0c 0012fccc 00506eb1 PQ!··········nP·
0012fc5c: ffffffff 00000003 0042ce43 00000008 ········C·B·····
0012fc6c: 00000003 00000001 00000000 00000000 ················
0012fc7c: 0042d76b 0042a177 00000038 00000001 k·B·w·B·8·······
0012fc8c: 00000001 00000000 00000001 00000000 ················
0012fc9c: 00000000 0041b0c2 00000004 00b90768 ······A·····h···
0012fcac: 0012fcd8 00000001 0041724c 00000004 ········LrA·····
0012fcbc: 00b90768 00000001 0043042f 0012fcb8 h·······/·C·····
0012fccc: 0012fe04 005060b5 00000000 00000000 ·····`P·········
0012fcdc: 0000026e 000000f8 0012fe6c 0000017e n·······l···~···
0012fcec: 39808f56 00b8ea10 f3915b6d c3fe914c V··9····m[··L···
0012fcfc: 6d6f6f44 7475412e 616f6c6f 732f0064 Doom.Autoload·/s
0012fd0c: 736e696b 77206500 9b199e07 aa77a10d kins·e w······w·
0012fd1c: f24c9bd9 22d67b74 af609cc8 496aae3f ··L·t{·"··`·?·jI
0012fd2c: c29fad15 6e65e475 881273c0 357ffa28 ····u·en·s··(·5
0012fd3c: 471f5a04 7fd23b9f 33f32e9c e4e1ce63 ·Z·G·;··.·3c···
0012fd4c: 00000002 15215150 0040ae23 0012fd64 ····PQ!·#·@·d···
0012fd5c: 00000002 15215150 0040ae23 0012fd74 ····PQ!·#·@·t···
0012fd6c: 004969c1 00524db8 00496ac3 00000094 ·iI··MR··jI·····
0012fd7c: 00000005 00000001 00000a28 00000002 ········(·······
0012fd8c: 76726553 20656369 6b636150 77003120 Service Pack 1·w
0012fd9c: 772bb638 771c453f 00000000 8007000e 8·+w?E·w········
0012fdac: 0015a358 771b449c 00000000 00000000 X····D·w········
0012fdbc: 771ce3f3 0015a358 0012fe04 772bb6ec ···wX·········+w
0012fdcc: 00000000 0000026e 000000f8 0012fe6c ····n·······l···
0012fddc: 0000017e 00000000 00000002 00000000 ~···············
0012fdec: 00000000 0000026e 0000017e 00000002 ····n···~·······
0012fdfc: 0012fe6c 15215150 0012fe60 005060d8 l···PQ!·`····`P·
0012fe0c: ffffffff 00493b73 ffffffff 77e7e6b9 ····s;I········w
0012fe1c: 7ffdf000 00000000 00000000 0000026e ···········n···
0012fe2c: 0000017e 00000001 000f4240 0012fe2c ~·······@B··,···
0012fe3c: 00000020 00000276 00000000 00400000 ···v·········@·
0012fe4c: 00400240 00400218 77e60000 00400000 @·@···@····w··@·
0012fe5c: 0012fe14 0012fe88 005075a0 00000000 ·········uP·····
0012fe6c: 0012fe98 00493e85 77e7ad86 00000000 ·····>I····w····
0012fe7c: 7ffdf000 0012fe74 0012f714 0012ffb0 ···t···········
0012fe8c: 004f7ae8 00524460 00000000 0012ffc0 ·zO·`DR·········
0012fe9c: 004f7eaa 00400000 00000000 00152316 ·~O···@······#··
0012feac: 0000000a 00000094 00000005 00000001 ················
0012febc: 00000a28 00000002 76726553 20656369 (·······Service
0012fecc: 6b636150 ee003120 ee30fc08 ee30fc08 Pack 1····0···0·
0012fedc: ee30fc08 ee30fc08 e27a5000 e27a6000 ··0···0··Pz··`z·
0012feec: e27a7000 e27a8000 e27a9000 e27aa000 ·pz···z···z···z·
0012fefc: e27ab000 e27ac000 e27ad000 e27ae000 ··z···z···z···z·
0012ff0c: e27af000 e27b0000 e27b1000 e27b2000 ··z···{···{·· {·
0012ff1c: e27b3000 ffb76590 ff676980 000170ea ·0{··e···ig··p··
0012ff2c: 00000001 00000013 00000000 00000013 ················
0012ff3c: 000017a5 004f7d3e 77f944a8 00000007 ····>}O··D·w····
0012ff4c: 7ffdf000 00000044 001534e0 00153380 ···D····4···3··
0012ff5c: 00153540 00000000 00000001 00000064 @5··········d···
0012ff6c: 00000064 00000000 00000000 00000000 d···············
0012ff7c: 00000000 00000001 00000000 ffffffff ················
0012ff8c: ffffffff ffffffff 00000006 00000000 ················
0012ff9c: 8053476f 00152316 00000000 0012feb0 oGS··#··········
0012ffac: e1a4d108 0012ffe0 004f7ae8 005499a0 ·········zO···T·
0012ffbc: 00000000 0012fff0 77e814c7 77f944a8 ···········w·D·w
0012ffcc: 00000007 7ffdf000 ee30fcf0 0012ffc8 ·········0·····
0012ffdc: 80534504 ffffffff 77e94809 77e91210 ·ES······H·w···w
0012ffec: 00000000 00000000 00000000 004f7d26 ············&}O·
0012fffc: 00000000 ···

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Post by HotWax »

Update: It seems it only happens with single-sector WADs, which have no nodes for obvious reasons. Adding a second sector seems to fix the problem.
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Post by randomlag »

Both levels have invalid VERTEX data. Not a ZDOOM issue.

ZDOOM works fine with single sector PWADS. Just verified again.

Both those problems were probably caused by ZENNODE which doesn't like single sector stuff.
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Post by randi »

Fixed. ZDoom now checks for empty VERTEXES lumps and gives you an error message instead of trying to load from it.
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Post by HotWax »

randomlag wrote:Both levels have invalid VERTEX data. Not a ZDOOM issue.

ZDOOM works fine with single sector PWADS. Just verified again.

Both those problems were probably caused by ZENNODE which doesn't like single sector stuff.
Actually I've configured DoomBuilder to use ZDBSP. (which doesn't work because ZDBSP can't make changes to the file currently loaded by DB... but that's another issue...) The editor doesn't even bother running the nodebuilder at all when you save a single-sector map. The fact that there's no VERTEX data would seem to be an editor bug not directly related to nodes (?) unless I just don't understand what's going on.

In any case, good to see that it's fixed.

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