Radius thrust limit to specific cone in front of player

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Radius thrust limit to specific cone in front of player

Post by williamhernandez »

Hello all,

I'm a new member. I have a question.

How can I achieve the use of Radius thrust, but limit it to a specific cone in front of the player? Should I implement a different function altogether for this purpose?uno online

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Radius thrust limit to specific cone in front of player

Post by Jarewill »


To my knowledge there isn't any function like that, however you can use a custom one.
This is a modified A_Blast function that also checks if the player is looking at the monsters:
You can also use this function in DECORATE.
Create a new class in ZScript depending on how you want to use it, for example a Weapon:

Code: Select all

Class NewWeapon : Weapon{
	Action void A_DirectionalBlast(....)
Then in DECORATE you can inherit your weapons from NewWeapon and freely use this function.

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