"Finished" word placement in intermission screen.

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"Finished" word placement in intermission screen.

Post by pablokks »

Hi guys, at the beginning I want to say that I am totally new to GZDoom as a whole, I was always playing through DOSBox, so thank you for understanding. Recently, when I was playing Master Levels I realized that intermission screen differs depending on how I launch it. When I drag and drop .ipk3 to the gzdoom.exe and launch through vanilla Doom 2 it is normal. However when I launch it through IWAD selection screen the font for Level name in intermission screen is different and "finished" word is higher than normally. Please see the screenshots below, vanilla Doom is second:


Through trial and error, and lot of googling I was able to figure out that GZDoom uses it's own BIGFONT here in intermission screen from zbigfont.lmp file which is placed directly in gzdoom.exe. I was able to find vanilla Doom font and with SLADE I was able to put it in .ipk3 file, cause I didn't want to edit gzdoom.exe. Thankfully the result was a success:


However, as you can see the "finished" word is still higher that in vanilla Doom. I know it is only a minor thing, but please guys can you guide me to the file which is responsible for position of the "finished" word in the intermission screen and tell me what should I changed to replicate the placement from vanilla Doom. I am assuming that this file is also in gzdoom.exe. Appreciate any help.
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