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A_AttachLight Help

Post by ogwatto »

Hi lads,
I'm trying to attach a light source to the player, but I'm having trouble.

Here's what I've Written:

Sorry if the fix is obvious, I'm still very new to scripting.
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Re: A_AttachLight Help

Post by ramon.dexter »

A_AttachLight() is a decorate function. You cannot use decorate functions in acs script. Find an acs alternative.

Good way of finding if the function is acs is the coloring. If the text gets colored, it's acs function. If the text stays black, it's not.
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Re: A_AttachLight Help

Post by Jarewill »

As Ramon has said, A_AttachLight isn't an ACS function, however you can still use it in ACS in a way.
First create a new inventory item, such as this:

Code: Select all

Class LightAttacher : Inventory{
	Override void AttachToOwner(Actor other){
		other.A_AttachLight("ShotgunLight",DynamicLight.FlickerLight,"ff ff ff",16,8,0,(0,0,other.height/2),0.25);
Then give it to the player using GiveInventory in ACS.

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