How to fix monster "aimlessness"?

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How to fix monster "aimlessness"?

Post by TurboBabyShakes5000 »

I am a complete noob at scripting looking to start trying to do one thing. I had a look at the wikis but frankly couldn't find something obvious to me as "the thing you are looking for is here" so apologies for what likely seems a dumb question. The wiki was not immediately transparent to me. I want to make one (hopefully) simple global change to monsters; reduce the chance the alerted mob will choose pathing towards the player in preference to shooting if it has a clear shot. Not by turning aggression up to 11 like with -fast, per se, but maybe reduce the chance by a third. If I am understanding this correctly that is. I feel like it would be a very lightweight way of increasing enemy "AI" without impacting the way maps play TOO much or interfering with mods.
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Re: How to fix monster "aimlessness"?

Post by Dark-Assassin »

You'll most likely want to reduce the monster's MinMissileChance property. You can also set the MISSILEMORE and MISSILEEVENMORE flags to increase their chances to attack over longer distances.

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