DOOM+ Release

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DOOM+ Release

Post by HarryDudE »

I am happy to announce that my first PWAD has been released!
It edits the usual DOOM 1 episodes and adds more places to look around in! Features 36 maps and 4 episodes
Use DOOM 2 for the IWAD and GZDOOM This replaces the levels only and is not an IWAD, so these cannot be used as an IWAD to circumvent the need for an IWAD to use PWADs.
Episodes 1-3 made by ID: Software, DOOMVideoVault (MoC), and Me!

Please notify me if you find any bugs, although this is my first full wad!

Trailer: ... arryDude64

Have Fun!!!
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Re: DOOM+ Release

Post by RevanGarcia »

This is really cool!
I enjoyed it, dude.
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Re: DOOM+ Release

Post by WhamNinjaMolehill »

Hi there! I got stuck on E1M2. The door that normally leads to the exit seems to not open. This door to be specific -

The only other mod I'm running is Complex Doom.
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Re: DOOM+ Release

Post by armymen12002003 »

Nice job so far what little i played of this I do see that you did keep alot of the areas of MoC, I did find this little weird bug on e1m3 trying to these get goodies in case you were wondering only other mods are running are Wolfenstein infinity and the wolf3d texture pack please fix this.
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