[GZDoom] [WIP] Base Fehu ᚠ (OTEX textures)

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[GZDoom] [WIP] Base Fehu ᚠ (OTEX textures)

Post by Jay »

Hello everybody!

I'm very glad to be back, after so many years inactive. I have the Doom mapping itch again. To get defrosted and with the goal to resume my abandoned projects, I started a new project with OTEX texture set. The level name is a current provisional name, “Base Fehu” (where “Fehu” seems to be a viking rune, ᚠ). Here are some very first screenshots:

I started with standard Doom Builder but discovered since that GZDoom Builder it's much better for me and my 3d floors obsession, since it's much easier to do them, so I fully switched to it.

I started a spiral staircase elsewhere in the map. To test the stacked 3d floors thing.

In the screenshot I'm working on the base level, I will add an upper floor (sector over sector) when the base floor, all of it, it's finished. I don't want to encounter the same problems as the other time. When you modified the base and must remodify the upper floor over floor to match them. I have a concern. When I was doing this, many years ago, the projectiles were blocked, hitscans as well and player could not fall from above, not monsters could. In 3d floors this not happens, I'm talking on old-school sector over sector.

Has been this fixed since?

Glad to be back.
Best regards everybody.

Credits, for future .txt in the .pk3 and level description:
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Re: [GZDoom] [WIP] Base Fehu ᚠ (OTEX textures)

Post by BerserkerNoir »

This looks pretty nice!
Looking forward to the release.
I see custom weapons and monsters, that means no compatibility with mods?

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