What is this weird DoomEd number?

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What is this weird DoomEd number?

Post by AshHouswares »

Weird stuff is happening in my game. What on Earth is causing this? Random items are spawning as "missing decorations" when I load up my map in my PK3. However, if I load it up with Vanilla Doom, it's not there. What on Earth is going on?

I opened the map in GZDOOMBuilder and they DoomEd Numbers of these weird items are 20003 and 20013. What are these and why are they all over my map?

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Kappes Buur
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Re: What is this weird DoomEd number?

Post by Kappes Buur »

DoomED numbers are not weird, they are required to identify specific actors.
Actors are those identities such as players, monsters, weapons, decorations, etc.
A list of standard DoomED numbers can be found here.
Because they identify specific actors, these numbers must be unique.

Vanilla Doom uses these standard DoomED numbers, but GZDoom, with the help of DECORATE and/or ZSCRIPT, can bring new actors into the game. Thus, 20003 and 20013 identify such new actors. However, if there are no new or missing sprites attached to the actor or missing scripting then how can GZDoom display such actors. Therefore the exclamation sprite.

These numbers are entered into GZDoom in different ways:
In DECORATE they are usually given in the first line of the actor definition or possibly in a DoomEDnums block in MAPINFO.
In ZSCRIPT they must be entered in a DoomEDnums block in MAPINFO.

To help you make sense of these new actors and unravel your confusion, you will have to upload the pwad for perusal.

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