"gzdoom.sf2." error message

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We can't magically figure out what it is if you're going to be vague, and if we feel like you're just wasting our time with guessing games we will act like that's what you're really doing and won't help you.
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"gzdoom.sf2." error message

Post by 2stimps »

Hi... this is my first time ever using GZdoom, and I'm having an issue. Every time I try to load up the game, it shows a black screen and then it takes me back to the console and shows me this message: "Could not find patch set C:/Users/2stimps/AppData/Local/Temp/Rar$EXa3344.30925//soundfonts/gzdoom.sf2."... I checked the soundfonts folder, and it does contain the "gzdoom.sf2." file... I tried looking online and also around this site but I couldn't find any solutions to this. Everything else seems to be working fine. I'm unsure if this is the correct topic for this issue, please excuse me if it's not.
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Re: "gzdoom.sf2." error message

Post by wildweasel »

If you are trying to run GZDoom from inside a zip file, do not do that - extract it into its own folder somewhere first.
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Re: "gzdoom.sf2." error message

Post by Kappes Buur »

  • Which version of GZDoom did you download and install?
  • Where, in which folder path, did you install GZDoom?
  • Which option did you choose, gzdoom-portable or windows install, for the ini file?
  • Can you have GZDoom generate a logfile and upload it here?

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