Super Shotgun help

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Super Shotgun help

Post by raynorkap »

I am working on a 3D mod and am having an issue with the super shotgun. It reloads two bullets just fine but when it gets down to 2, it reloads and then the ammo count goes to 1 and after that, I cant fire or do anything with it. How can I get the counter to be correct? Also it appears to spaz out when moving with it see link down below:

Here is how the Super shotgun is currently coded in the pk3
Hope someone can help get the reload and the jank fix! After I get this figured out, my mod should be about good to go!
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Re: Super Shotgun help

Post by wildweasel »

You seem to already have a thread here: viewtopic.php?p=1232061#p1232061

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