Flickering textures in Gzdoom

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Flickering textures in Gzdoom

Post by enkeli33 »

I recorded this issue on the video: https://youtu.be/YDwWrRcSFKQ

Textures are flickering. Doesn't seem to be a common thing, but I see it only rarerly. It occurs in my map I am working on now. It is something specific in the map geometry that causes this? If so, what am I looking for?

It doesn't seem to be a thing when I set Vulkan render.

OS: Windows 10
Gzdoom 4.9.0 (older versions do this too)
GPU: Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics (version of driver is the latest - 22.10.2)

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Re: Flickering textures in Gzdoom

Post by Rachael »

Moved this to tech issues - AMD rendering bugs are not GZDoom bugs, and it's not that frequently that we can do work-arounds to fix AMD issues.

With AMD you are better off just going Vulkan - even on a RX 480. My secondary computer has a Vega 3 which runs Vulkan just fine.

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