"Action Movie" bullet impact effects [video example provided]

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"Action Movie" bullet impact effects [video example provided]

Post by Graaicko »

So for my mode I would like to add semi-realistic bullet impact effects kind of like in the GMod video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndb3ElWTgxg

I would like to make bullet effects such as in the video. I have a smoke effect that should fit well with this effect, but I need the smoke effect to appear when the bullet hits the wall and fade out similar to the video. The projectiles I am using for my weapons are model based tracers. So I am very excited to see how these turn out.

Current code, it uses a smoke effect I created specifically for weapons when fired. The effect is a bit to fast and spreads out unevenly making not look so good for bullet impacts on walls or objects.
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Re: "Action Movie" bullet impact effects [video example provided]

Post by difficultoldstuff »

Mm... this smells of texture-type detection for different hit effects and sounds, 3D-model based puff effects aligned to surface vectors and such whatnots... Sorry, what was the question?
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Re: "Action Movie" bullet impact effects [video example provided]

Post by Kaution »

Something like this:


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