GZDoom hangs on startup/repeats the info notice

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GZDoom hangs on startup/repeats the info notice

Post by RedONI »

I just updated my GZDoom install to g4.9.0, and it stopped working properly. The notice to provide system info appears every time on startup, and with or without mods, the game hangs after checking cmd-line parameters and has to be closed by Task Manager.

I have an NVidia GTX 1060 6GB, an Intel i5-4570, and 12GB of RAM. My current Operating System is Windows 10. I've tried deleting the GZDoom files from my folder and starting with clean files, and deleting the .ini file located in My Documents. Any idea what might be happening? Is that enough info to tell?

EDIT: So I might have jumped the gun a bit. A quick computer restart later, and it's now working perfectly! sorry about that. :oops:

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