SetClipRect does not go outside of screen boundaries

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SetClipRect does not go outside of screen boundaries

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This only happens if you use a HUD scale that's enough to knock the clip outside of the frame. Tested on gzdoom-x64-g4.9pre-220-gc87e87365. Happens regardless of rendering backend setting.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Load this mod.
2. In Deathstrider settings, under UI, enable compass.
3. Either increase HUD scale until the compass is outside of the screen or reduce scale factor in video settings. Doesn't matter which.
The directions will begin to look incorrect. That's not so much them being wrong as much as it is the clipping not working correctly. If you comment out this line you will see how the compass works. It shifts the string left/right and wraps it around, clipping the excess and creating the illusion that it rotates 360 degrees. Problem is that while the actual string is correctly shifted outside of the screen, the clip rect isn't, which makes it show the part of the compass the player isn't supposed to see.
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Re: SetClipRect does not go outside of screen boundaries

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