A random Skulltag story, and my analysis

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A random Skulltag story, and my analysis

Post by Finder153 »

Hi, y'all. Something out of the blue, I recently encountered someone's random story that claims to be an actual recollection of their experience on a Skulltag co-op server, I stumbled across it in the comments section of IcarusLIVES's review of Nuts 2 and 3. To put it bluntly, the story was so exxagerated, unrealistic and downright stupid in some parts that I was encouraged to write an analysis and compare it to actual Doom 2 gameplay.
Spoiler: The story itself
If you don't want to bother reading, basically he was playing on a 4-player survival co-op server that apparently has friendly fire enabled. He said his player name is Showbiz, and the supposed other players are Crash, Protos and Electron, all of which are names of Skulltag's bots. They completed Entryway without any problem, but when they got to Underhalls, a series of friendly fire-related idiocy led to Showbiz's teammates getting killed. In the Gantlet, eventually he held the line by himself against a group of demons in the starting area, which doesn't happen in actual Doom 2, eventually encountering a baron of Hell (Doesn't happen in actual Doom 2, either!) and getting killed.

The story also contained inaccuracies on the amount of monsters in each level, the layouts of the levels and how the play out in Doom 2 and non-existent features and content in actual gameplay, such as bleeding, sliding and diving, supply cabinets, etc.

So with all that said, here's my analysis. Text in bold are my comments. I'm not gonna point out the grammatical errors save for a part near the end such as obvious typos, lack of single periods and overusage of ellipses.
Spoiler: My analysis
And that's about it. Honestly, the story read like he was playing on some sort of weird Brutal Doom and Hideous Destructor mashup mod coupled with survival horror elements and other features nowhere to be found in vanilla Doom 2 instead of, y'know, an actual Doom 2 Skulltag co-op server. What do you guys think of the story?
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Re: An analysis of a random Skulltag story

Post by openroadracer »

Good grief... I feel my brain rotting out of my skull trying to comprehend the sheer WRONG in that story.
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Re: A random Skulltag story, and my analysis

Post by Casualfan »

Haha my first thought was that Hideous Destructor must have gotten some kind of macho action-movie update or something :P
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Re: A random Skulltag story, and my analysis

Post by Rachael »

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