Function keys don't work during tally screen

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Function keys don't work during tally screen

Post by WaitWhot »

Hello. Since GZDoom 4.8 keys such as F3 Loadgame and all the other function keys F1-F12 do not work during tally screens. The key presses only finish up the on going screen. (Windows 64-bit; 4.8.2, gzdoom-x64-g4.9pre-171-g4c6d0e420)

To test this:
- Run Doom2 and warp to MAP06
- Save game
- Type to the console: special 243
- Exit console and try F3 to load the save game

In 4.8s you'll have to go through both the tally screen and the following "You have entered deeply" text screen until MAP07 starts. F3 works only then.

In 4.7.1 F3 works on top of the tally screen but not during the text screen.
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Re: Function keys don't work during tally screen

Post by Graf Zahl »

The implementation here has changed for implementing scriptable cutscenes. It was deemed an acceptable compromise.

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