Inconsistent load times

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Inconsistent load times

Post by slowbody »

Made an account just to post this topic since this has been a pretty persistent and confusing issue I've been having with no applicable answer online.

GZDoom's load times (specifically when I enter a new level, save, load a save, and end a level) can range from instant to about 10 seconds on my device, though it tends to load slowly rather than quickly overall. My strategy for curbing this problem is blindly opening and closing the wad file until it loads fast. I've seriously had no other option.

I've already ruled out several possible factors that could cause this problem:
  • The wad itself does not seem to influence the load times. I've had varying results with DOOM2.wad for example. Sometimes Entryways will immediately open, sometimes it'll take longer. Same with saving.

    I've changed my screen transition settings. They don't change the load times.

    I've changed my preferred rendering API. I didn't notice any difference in the loadtimes.

    Changing the resolution didn't solve anything.

    I have no mods installed.
This leads me to believe the trouble stems from my computer rather than GZDoom, but the fact that the game will sometimes load smoothly has left me absolutely puzzled. If I were to guess, it's an issue with my graphics card or something of that nature that's causing the inconsistency.

Important things to note:
  • My specs are Intel Core i5 3210M CPU @ 2.5 GHz with Intel HD Graphics 4000. 8 GB memory. Windows 10.

    Gameplay is consistently smooth. I have no issues with frame drops or anything else. This only occurs when the game's loading something.

    I got DOOM2.wad from Steam. Don't know if that somehow causes complications with GZDoom.

    This issue is not just limited to DOOM2.wad. Its happened with every single wad I've played.

    I haven't messed with any texture settings. Feels pointless since the wads will still sometimes load just fine.

    I have a large number of saves, but I haven't read anything about it possibly affecting performance like this, especially since it varies so much.

    My version of GZDoom is outdated (4.3.3), but this would occur even when I first downloaded it in 2020. I've only gotten into Doom again a week or two ago.

    My GZDoom is 64 bit.

    I'm using OpenGL 4.0. As far as I know, my version of GZDoom is well built for that.

    I have not updated my graphics driver in a while. I was planning to update them until I discovered that GZDoom would sometimes load with no issue. Figured I should ask here first before doing anything like that.
Apologies if my post seems juvenile. I'm not a technically inclined person. My friends who know more about GZDoom than me have been pretty stumped on what the cause might be.


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