2022 and still no true borderless window mode option?

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2022 and still no true borderless window mode option?

Post by Axer »

Seriously? Thought this kind of thing would of been in years ago. Borderless fullscreen window has been the standard for any modern engine/windows for a few years now, really would make send for GZDoom to adopt this.

Anyways I did read it has it on pcgamingwiki if you just set fullscreen at native rez, but I tested the latest version and it does not do that on my system. Plus that's a really poor idea in this day of crazy new driver tech for automatically scaling like DSR/FSR/NAI/etc/etc where the game really can't easily know if your running native/fullscreen rez etc, and it really doesn't need to know.. It should just
A) Be the default (for best performance, stability and instant alt tab)
B) Be an option, which is on by default, that you can turn off to go back to exclusive fullscreen for those who like exclusive fullscreen mode. Contrary to the popular belief - old way of thinking, on modern systems it no longer offers any direct performance benefits, microsoft/nvidia/amd fixed this a few years).. But that said exclusive can still be useful again due to the various non-standard resolution tech where you may wish to run the game at a different resolution than your native, without using GZDooms built in rez scaling.

Anyways is there some hack to get it working? I tested the latest github build and some olders version extensively and yea I really can not find such an option. Is there some hidden console command or command line parameter?

To make it even worse, software like borderless gaming either makes most versions crash, or works but makes mouse misaligned with the window, or appears to work, but the games internally rendering a bunch of pixels below your native since it still thinks there's a border..

I have got select versions to run, and force the internal resolution back to full via various hacks with SpecialK.. But it's not something your average gamer will figure out fast (or should need to) , so yes please add a native option pro dev guys.
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Re: 2022 and still no true borderless window mode option?

Post by Rachael »

I'm not in a very helpful mood when you come here with a tone like you're demanding some sort of refund or something. You are owed nothing.

Sorry to offend your delicate and quite easily broken sensibilities by not providing you a feature at your ever so entitled whim and call that's already in anyway and literally been staring you in the face this whole time.
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Re: 2022 and still no true borderless window mode option?

Post by phantombeta »

Quite the critical research failure - GZDoom has had borderless fullscreen since at least 2017, and hasn't even had exclusive fullscreen since 2018. Quite entitled, too. :?
Technically it never even had exclusive fullscreen in the first place, either, because OpenGL doesn't actually support it, so GZDoom just changed the desktop resolution and made the window borderless and fullscreen. :lol:
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Graf Zahl
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Re: 2022 and still no true borderless window mode option?

Post by Graf Zahl »

Some people seem to believe that it has to be actually mentioned to be considered in. :?

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