Show cvar in settings menu

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Show cvar in settings menu

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Hey all!

GZDoom is one of the most configurable source ports out there. Which is absolutely great. But given how many variables there are in GZDoom at times it's hard to keep track of different settings especially if you use GZDoom to its fullest potential and constantly change different options for different wads/mods, etc. So I would like the options menu to show which cvar was changed and to what value after changing in-game settings. Just like when you go to Compatibility Options and change flags there it will show you the value of set DMFLAGS and DMFLAGS2 in real time. So, if I for example were to change Max FPS in Video Mode settings menu, the menu would show me that vid_maxfps was changed to some value. And so on and so forth.

Now I'll explain why I want to see this feature.

The way I use GZDoom is I make a bunch of different .cfg files where I store different "presets" for different options. For example I have a doom.cfg which stores strict dm flags. Then I have doomFreeLook.cfg which, as you might have guessed it, stores some doom dmflags, but with free mouse, crosshair settings, etc. I have a bunch of presets for lighting, graphics, etc. The problem is some times I forget which cvars stand for what settings, and it's very hard to find said cvar in the default .ini files and save these specific settings for the future use.

The feature would be of great help to me if I could quickly check corresponding cvar via in-game menus.
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Re: Show cvar in settings menu

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Re: Show cvar in settings menu

Post by Nash »

I'll resubmit it addressing all the complaints about it in the past.

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