"I Can't Find This WAD" thread

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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by generic name guy »

I've been looking for the source of this mod right here, it's a mod that adds some improved liquid textures and specular mapping to them.

I was able to find a post by ZZYZX that had a mediafire link to a file called "pbrwater.pk3," though it did not replace the Doom liquid textures, and the file structure was slightly different.

https://mega.nz/file/TqYDTJBA#q6QBg3vQy ... Gd5M9NG2KA
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by DefectiveByDesign »

Kaution wrote: Fri Jul 28, 2023 9:10 am
DefectiveByDesign wrote: Sun Jul 23, 2023 7:43 pmThe other mod was some high quality gzdoom mod where you come high out of a cave on a cliff, there are wooden bridges you follow, an elevator that's locked from the bottom for backtracking, you snake around to reach the bottom and there's a castle style gate. I know this was a doom wad, but can't remember what it was.
Frozen Time?
No, this wad was heavily gzdoom improved, don't think it was a TC. Doom is known for not having rooms over rooms. This map had multiple 3d wooden bridges in the air. The design was cave like, you snake around, reach the castle at the bottom. There may have been water underneath? If there was water, there might have been a 3d water wheel, or that's something else I'm confusing, but I do remember the multiple bridges, some were broken.
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by LossForWords »

Does anyone still have Seidolon's Fireworks mod?
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by generic name guy »

Grey Rook wrote: Tue Jul 25, 2023 8:48 am Anyway, I'm not at all sure that I'm in the right thread, but I'm looking for the Project Brutality 3.0 release. I found a link which lead me to a GitHub archive which, once I figured out how to download it, doesn't seem to actually contain any .wad files? Well, just one, which... doesn't seem to do anything? I don't actually know what I'm doing here, so I was hoping that one of you could help me. I don't really know my way around these things, unfortunately.
https://github.com/pa1nki113r/Project_B ... taging.zip this will download the latest version of PB directly from GitHub, then you can just load that .zip file like you would a .pk3, and it'll work.
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by DoomThing445 »

There was this one wad I found at random from a doom wad website that went down in recent years with many gigabytes worth of levels, it was like a huge level that was made to test the limits of GZDoom, while also being a perfectly playable level. It wasn't very detailed and the last place to go was surrounded by many imps and was the first structure you see, the first area you go through is a rising hill with trees, no slopes as far as I remember.

There was a water-surrounded elevator that led down somewhere where (I believe?) you find a blue skull key.

The inside of the final structure that completes the level had walls that you needed to bring down by pressing use, you went clockwise bringing down said walls.
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by Epsilon Plus »

Not sure if this the thread for asking if a given mod even exists, but it feels like something that should exist - I just can't seem to use the right terms for it.

I want to play a co-op campaign with a friend using some mods (DRLA, if you care/it matters), but the standard way co-op play in GZDoom handles respawning feels iffy to us - we want to have to actually play a level together without dying at all. Instead, the default behavior is just players respawning to run back in. Zandronum has a setting for this, Survival, but I can't seem to find a setting for it in GZDoom, nor a mod that implements such behavior - and manually restarting the server/reloading the save is a huge bummer.

Essentially, the mod should have behavior like this:
- a player that dies doesn't automatically respawn
- if any players die, all players die and the level restarts - players have the inventories they entered the level in, monsters and items respawn, etc.

The closest I've found is this mod called Death Coin - viewtopic.php?p=1201243&hilit=revive+coin#p1201243 - but something closer to what I described would be nice. Does it exist, or do I need to write it myself?
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by schkorpio »

Hello zdoomers ;) I'm looking for a wad for hexen. It was desert/sand/ancient Egyptian themed. It had the usual hexen style puzzles, some based on water. Early on you go into a well IIRC. I think it was a full campaign and quite detailed. All new textures. Possibly made fo Wrath of Cronos. Thank you :-)

EDIT: it was epic2 map pack.
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by Antaury »

I can barely remember anything about this mod except the fact that you had a pistol that when empty you could drop the magazine as a grenade. I'm pretty sure it had a class system too and the class in question was an engineer. This has actually been driving me insane and i'm not sure who or what i'll hurt if it continues...
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by saladofstones »

This is a really old one, but I Remember PCGamer covered a doom wad where you were an assassin with one bullet and had to find a target NPC in a horde of groups of people. Apparently was notable for how many sprites it had at once but also used techniques to create crowds of people.
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by Hellscribbler »

Does anyone remember a mod that had the guns from C&C Renegade from about 12-13 years ago? I think it required Zandro at the time, but it might have been one of the Skulltag hold outs.

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