"I Can't Find This WAD" thread

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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

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More a question about a map texture pack but has anybody seen this before? Been searching on google like a damn lunatic but to no avail.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcn2KKj ... l=MeiMeigi

Soo far i Have confirmed its not the following listed below.

KuriKai DHTP


Hoover Ultra HD


I'd say it looks like something straight out of the Doomsday Sourceport due to how 3d it looks but how would that work on GZDOOM?
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

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I think this is the HD texture pack you're looking for.
Mikk- wrote: Thu Aug 11, 2022 2:38 pm There was also another mod that I've forgotten the name of, it was a Doom 64 based map with lots of exploration where you had to collect six spheres.
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

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I'm trying to find this mod that was a universal weapons add-on, made in ZScript, added stuff like weapon zoom, being able to alert enemies by throwing junk (or something) and probably had a laser sight feature as well.

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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

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Oi there
I am searching for a map or map set that i played around 2007/2008
What I do remember is that there was this circular/square level which walls and doors opened more and more while progressing and killing monsters, I don't know if it was a mapset or a single giant level based on that idea
Anyone has any clues ?
Thank you in advance

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