"I Can't Find This WAD" thread

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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

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More a question about a map texture pack but has anybody seen this before? Been searching on google like a damn lunatic but to no avail.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcn2KKj ... l=MeiMeigi

Soo far i Have confirmed its not the following listed below.

KuriKai DHTP


Hoover Ultra HD


I'd say it looks like something straight out of the Doomsday Sourceport due to how 3d it looks but how would that work on GZDOOM?
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by Talon1024 »

I think this is the HD texture pack you're looking for.
Mikk- wrote: Thu Aug 11, 2022 2:38 pm There was also another mod that I've forgotten the name of, it was a Doom 64 based map with lots of exploration where you had to collect six spheres.
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by XLightningStormL »

I'm trying to find this mod that was a universal weapons add-on, made in ZScript, added stuff like weapon zoom, being able to alert enemies by throwing junk (or something) and probably had a laser sight feature as well.

May have been a dream, but I swear it was real.
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by Buckethell II »

Oi there
I am searching for a map or map set that i played around 2007/2008
What I do remember is that there was this circular/square level which walls and doors opened more and more while progressing and killing monsters, I don't know if it was a mapset or a single giant level based on that idea
Anyone has any clues ?
Thank you in advance
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by ljwon_1 »

Has anyone seen a WAD that uses sprites like this?
I remember it as a futuristic total conversion that shoots lasers.
It's also a fairly old TC, and it doesn't seem to be on the wiki.
(These sprites were extracted from sniper_x.wad and necro_x.wad.)

Edit: Never mind. I found it. System Vices (SYSVICE1.WAD)
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by Faxer »

Okay, here it goes. We often see some automap screen at the ZDoom downloads page, it looks like this: https://zdoom.org/assets/images/layout/background.jpg.
Is this map even exists? How do I can get it and play? How does it called? Sorry for my bad English.
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Looking for a Mod

Post by Nostalgic Ballz »

Hello, does anyone know this mod that had Killing Floor 1 weapons and the Perk system? I remember playing it a while ago and it was a great mod, I tried searching for it but no luck so far.
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by TiberiumSoul »

strf_ZSDFEDIT.pk3 by StroggVorbis

this is the original link, but i dont have $8.00+ to throw away for one file, if someone has this please do share it, ill gladly mirror it on my MEGA cloud
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by Rel Tan Kier »

So, i also can't found one wad.
This wad had a small number of not the strongest monsters, and gave us normal weapons. But at the same time wad was very difficult.
This wad can be run on Vanilla Doom. His name was almost unreadable (just google Unreadable rock band name), red in color and seems to contain the word Hell
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Re: "I Can't Find This WAD" thread

Post by The Almighty Red »

Alright, this might be a longshot but I'll give it a try. Many years ago, waaayyy before anyone had ported or made any TC of the PSX version, I wanted to try to "find" the PSX exclusive levels to play on ZDoom.
Perhaps not the most ethical of things since distributing the levels is a no-no, but I also wasn't really aware of that at the time, though I probably should have known better...
Either way, what I did end up with, was like a really weird half-ass'd partial TC of the PSX version. To put it simple... it was like someone took the original PC iwad and modified it (without adding the proper graphics, just monster and texture placement changes. It wasn't very good, but this was the real kicker that stood out to me. The exclusive PSX levels were not there, but in their place were two levels labeled "Atari" and the other "Atari-Hell" The first being like a giant office building overrun with monsters, and the second level being identical to this except more Hellish in design and tougher monster placement. At the time, I was annoyed, as I was looking for the PSX levels, so I just kind of deleted the wad without a second thought. After thinking on it later on, those custom levels were pretty damn cool. As far as I know, they were custom-made levels as I have never seen anything like them before in another wad since. If anyone has any knowledge of these, I'd love to hear about it, as it's puzzled me for a few years now.

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