Pixelratio-like MAPINFO option for models

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Pixelratio-like MAPINFO option for models

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I feel that the ability to have an overall MAPINFO-set scaling ratio for models, similar to Pixelratio, would be very useful.

Thread where I asked if such a thing already exists for some context.

Usage case 1: If (as in my case above) after several months of work and adding hundreds of models to the game, and setting things up to work with Doom's 1:1.2 ratio, a modder decides that 1:1 looks better for their project, Pixelratio allows this to be changed at a stroke. However, because models ignore Pixelratio, every single MODELDEF entry needs to be edited. Also, if a modder is trying a bit of trial and error to see which ratio works best, models will happily ignore what would otherwise be a single digit edit to MAPINFO. So, this would allow modders to change the ratio of their projects much more easily.

Usage case 2: Because Pixelratio can be set on a map by map basis, the same project can currently have different maps with different Pixelratios. However, because models ignore Pixelratio, different maps with different Pixelratios need to have any model-based actors duplicated and rescaled for whichever ratios are being used.

Given that Pixelratio is already an established feature and may already have been used with model-rich projects, I feel that a new additional MAPINFO option is probably the way forward (ModelRatio?). Or maybe just a simple "tie model ratios to pixel ratio" map keyword?


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