weapon wheel

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weapon wheel

Post by MattTheCoolGuy »

i know you can do it
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Re: weapon wheel

Post by wildweasel »

This can already be done by loading the Gearbox mod.
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Re: weapon wheel

Post by Rachael »

I shall remind you that posting here is a privilege and not a right. And abusing that privilege leads to removal of said privileges.

I am sick and tired of these ridiculous requests with the entitled attitude - so now, your privileges to post in all feature request forums - be it Raze or GZDoom - have been removed. If this keeps up I can remove you from the forum entirely.

As of right now you are not entirely banned from this forum - so you can earn your ability to post in the Feature Suggestions forums again simply by being a more valuable, helpful, and/or contributing member elsewhere on the forum. If you can show that you are able to give feedback without sounding like a total ass who thinks he owns the entire world and is owed everything at the mere mention of your desires - then I will remove your posting restriction.

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