Initially Show on Textured Map

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Initially Show on Textured Map

Post by Enjay »

Just a "nice to have" feature. There is a the line flag of "Initially Show on Map" which means that lines can be marked to appear on the automap even before the player has seen them. It can be quite useful for marking the locations of specific map goals etc.

However, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent to make sector floors appear on the textured automap before they have been seen. So if I was using the above line flag to make a specific location be on the automap from the start, it would have its lines drawn, but its floor wouldn't be filled in until it was actually seen in game by the player.

This above might actually be desirable behaviour in itself but, if it was possible, being able to ensure that the sector floors were visible from map startup too could be useful (without having to resort to camera hacks or something).


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