Separate sprites with the same name

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Separate sprites with the same name

Post by cubebert »

I'm pretty sure this has been brought up by several people before, but I think there should be some way of having separate sprites that share the same name. With large mods or many different mods loaded up, it can be tricky to have actors that don't have conflicting sprite names. I think one method that could be used is to have the ability to use the file path for the sprite name. I would say something like this could be done if a user wanted to make armor for the player:

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	"sprites/items/armor/BON1" ABCDCB 3
By doing this, Doom's green armor would still show up in its' default state, but the custom armor would use the sprites from the path directory on the code. I'm sure that there could be other ways of handling this that are cleaner, but I think that there should be some way of preventing sprite conflicts in the event a mod wants to add compatibility with popular mods and total conversions.
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Graf Zahl
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Re: Separate sprites with the same name

Post by Graf Zahl »

That's not how sprites work. The 4-letter part is not something easily done away unfortunately.

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