Multimodels scale/offset/roll/pitch values

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Multimodels scale/offset/roll/pitch values

Post by kfpopeye2 »

I'm creating some 3D models of buildings for GZDoom and noticed a missing feature in the multiple model definitions.

I would like to re-use the same models of the rubble piles around the buildings since this would cut a few megs off the final pk3 file size but the size, rotation and offsets of the rubble piles would need to be different for each building. Currently the base points are just aligned so a different model file of the rubble would be needed in each case.

I would like to propose the following additions (in bold) to the MODELDEF lump:
Model MultiModel
Path "Models/MyModel"
Model 0 Builing_model.md3
Skin 0 Builing_model.jpg

Model 1 Rubble_Model.md3
Skin 1 Rubble_Model.jpg
ScaleM 1 1.5 1.5 1.0 <--includes index number of model
OffsetM 1 100 100 0 <--includes index number of model
PitchOffsetM 1 45 <--includes index number of model
RoofOffsetM 1 45 <--includes index number of model

Scale 1.0 1.0 1.0

Frame FRAM A 0 0 // All models are drawn when you call frame "FRAM A"
Frame FRAM A 1 0
Frame FRAM A 2 0
Frame FRAM A 3 0

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