[Duke3D] Alien World Order (v1.53)

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Re: [Duke3D] Alien World Order (v1.53)

Post by NightFright »

RubyEyeShabranigdu wrote: Mon May 01, 2023 5:18 pm Hi, NightFright
There is some warnings in the console!
Check the screenshot for more info!

That's not related to this script. As you can see, these warnings originate from raze.pk3, which is part of the Raze installation package. Apparently they have to update some code in their ZScripts. You would have to report this in the Raze issues thread. The game.con warning on the other hand is a rather minor one.
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Re: [Duke3D] Alien World Order (v1.53)

Post by RubyEyeShabranigdu »

I see! Thanks for letting me know!
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Re: [Duke3D] Alien World Order (v1.53)

Post by Gez »

The one relevant thing here is the CON warning on game.con line 3413, expecting an identifier but getting a numeric literal 1.

The script warnings are directly in Raze stuff, it's up to the Raze devs to fix them.
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Re: [Duke3D] Alien World Order (v1.53)

Post by yum13241 »

They're called translation units.

Ironic how Raze uses deprecated functions in its own files.

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