Zdoom multiplayer lobby?

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Post by dracflamloc »

QBasicer wrote:Ok guys, he's asked about this stuff in off-topic, now he's asking Randy to try and put it into ZDoom. This is a perfectly valid post, so stop flaming him.
Thanks for the cool breeze of logic and common sense. :)
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Post by HobbsTiger1 »

Theres a difference between n00b and newb, you know. A n00b is someone who is annoying, troll, can't listen, whines, etc. A newb/newibie is someone who is new to the scene, generally doesn't know a lot, and appreciates nudges in the right direction. The former has nothing to do with join date or how long you've played Doom.
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Post by Doomguy0505 »

DomRem wrote:
dracflamloc wrote:Heh, what didn't I understand. I dont like skulltag and I dont like zdaemon.
What you didn't understand was that HobbsTiger1 said in the previous thread and even in this thread that you should use ZDaemon or Skulltag. I'm sorry if you don't like closed source ports, but right now, that's the best choice. And like Hobbs said above, if you're not using them, you're probably not playing multiplayer.

EDIT: Here's something you may like, dracflamloc.
:laff: If I were you, I'd compare the person's Joined date with mine before calling them a noob. Besides, what's wrong with being new? I still am, and that didn't stop me from joining the Weapons Resource WAD, Doom 3 Weapons Mod or ZDCMP#2 teams.
you didn't spam the forums when you joined, that's why
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Post by DomRem »

Heh, yeah, a lot of people who join do seem to do that. I took the samrt approach and didn't post for the first 14 days of my account's existence, and I only had 7 posts during the entire month. I also didn't want to piss someone off, knowing that would be stupid and give me a bad reputation to start.

The main reason I did this was so I didn't make myself look like an idiot.
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Post by Xaser »

Heh, you certainly succeeded there. Even when you first started posting here, I knew that you had automatically jumped past n00b stage, which is a good thing. :P

I personally never really spammed for the first month or two or three, but then, things started to go downhill until I regained my sanity. Well, at least that shows that it's possible to improve from such a stage. :P
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Post by Doomguy0505 »

I spammed the general until I learned the powers of the offtopic, then the mods came and ruined my fun
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Post by Phobus »

I joined in with the jesusing in offtopic back in late may. But then everyone did it so that never tarred anybodies reputation in the end. (hopefully)
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Post by Wills »

I don't think I spammed when I first joined (except for the Jesus thread...). I just wanted to ask a few questions, pretty soon I get sucked into the nasty underbelly of the ZDoom world. j/k

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