Automap semitransparency

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Automap semitransparency

Post by DevilBlackDeath »

So that feature is both made independently, but will also refer to my previous suggestion further on.

The idea would be to have semi-transparency sliders for the automap. One of which would obviously be for the full-screen automap.
The next ones would assume implementation of my other suggestions but work on the exact same principle. The idea is that, if a textured automap overlay was to be made available (following the definition I made of it at least), we could have 2 sliders defining the alpha/transparency of the lines and of the textures independently. This would allow player to still have full alpha on the lines like the current overlay while making the "textured" part semi transparent. This would further alleviate the occupied screen space in that mode by giving no dead zone in the player's view but maintaining orientation.

This would also work wonders with the line thickness recommendation BUT could also serve, with my other suggestion, as a "band-aid" fix for players who want it while it is not implemented yet (I personally don't care much about line thickness but I think that's a good temporary alternative, depending on the amount of efforts needed to do that).

Thanks a lot for reading my suggestions ;)

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