Textured Overlay Automap (better explanation)

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Textured Overlay Automap (better explanation)

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So I wasn't very clear with my textured overlay automap the other day, so here's an attempt at a better explanation

Texturing (and fill mode suggested here : ZDoom forums if implemented) could be made available in overlay mode. This would require rendering anything that's out-of-bound, undiscovered, or usually not displayed (I believe sectors can be marked HIDDEN ?) as fully transparent. This would be akin to having the Hexen automap, but having what's shown as the parchment-like AUTOPAGE fully transparent. Unlike what was initially thought, this would not obstruct the player's view entirely. I will also make another feature suggestion that would go hand in hand with that which is automap semitransparency sliders, rendering this feature suggestion very useful (well I'll make said suggestion if it was NOT already suggested).

Thanks a lot for reading me and I hope I could be clearer this time around :)

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