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Post by Ryan Cordell »

Graf Zahl wrote:Even the underwater palette? I always thought that was a completely different palette.
Using a sector tag of 2 (Lotag) in Duke3d will usually get you the underwater pallete. But if you just click 1 on the PAL list, it'd come out blue, 6 for a weird glowing green one and so on..
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Post by Nmn »

It's impossible to use different pallettes on different things in 8-bit mode because as it suggest-the screen can display a maximum of only 256 colors at once.
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Post by Grubber »

@Graf: dunno about underwater, but for walls/floors/ceilings you can select different colormaps.
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Post by Vader »

The underwater palette is a completely new one I believe!
If you check out Duke´s palette, you´ll notice that there aren´t any purple colors AFAIK (except the bright pink, wich is used as background).
However, if you look at a corpse under water, the blood has a little violet touch in it!
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Post by Nmn »

That is entirely true. Things above the water have a normal pallette, under the water have a new one (underwater) but because the water surface occludes Your view You cannot see 2 pallettes at the same time (obvious, otherwise it would render more than 256 colors = impossible). A nice idea of adding more colors.

What about my suggestion? :sadno: This way it would be much easier to add stuff like the Duke-style underwater pallette.
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Post by Skunk »

Duke does has purple. At least, Atomic Edition does. Otherwise the last level wouldn't work. It's entirely purple and green, and the last boss is teal and purple.
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Post by Belial »

Only the new acid uses purple/violet colors, the level is actually gray and green, and a lot of underwater areas. And the queen is blue, but you're fighting it underwater so...

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