Notice: Some bugs are game-specific!

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Notice: Some bugs are game-specific!

Post by Rachael »

This port comes with 5 modules that separate code for individual games.

The modules in question are the following: Duke Nukem (using EDuke32 as a base), Blood (using NBlood), Exhumed/PowerSlave (PCExhumed), Shadow Warrior (VoidSW), and Redneck Rampage (RedNukem).

Not all bugs that occur in one "module" will occur in another. Obviously if the bug seems to relate with GZDoom code, it probably is specific to that, as well.

So what does this mean? In addition to the version, you should also report the module that the problem occurs in.

A good topic title is for example the following:

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[Raze-0.3.5] [Duke] Sound replacements do not work
Putting in this extra info will really help with tracking down the bugs!

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