HUD sprite scaling

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HUD sprite scaling

Post by Iniquitatis »

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Not yet sure, if this is a feature request or a bug report, but in any case there's no proper option to control scaling/stretching of active weapon's HUD sprite*, which could help to prevent that 1:1.2 aspect ratio correction.
Or HUD sprite just doesn't respect the PixelRatio property from the MAPINFO** lump.

* — Or PSprite?
** — Seems less logical, because this is a map property.
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Re: HUD sprite scaling

Post by Xaser »


Finally got around to making a PR for this, on a whim:

Yeah, we've got A_OverlayScale now, but it's not as convenient and doesn't work in the software renderer (for all 3 of us that use it :P ). More details n' such in the PR.
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Re: HUD sprite scaling

Post by Nash »

Thanks Xaser. Yes, I'd still very much like a way to simply just scale the weapon sprite without messing with overlays.
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Re: HUD sprite scaling

Post by Ludicrous_peridot »

Maybe that's not directly related but weapon sprite scaling looks weird when in resolutions with aspect ratios less than 1.3. E.g. on a portrait 1024x1280 hand with pistol occupies 1/3 of the screen. This isn't intended, right?

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