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Let’s develop

Post by Sphagne »

Let’s develop new features with the help of each other and offer them to Randy.

Here is a description of my life and the problem that it causes for me:

I am a programmer, but I have to move around a lot and I cannot spare much time on my Doom hobbies, I am very good at Pascal but I do not know enough C even to look at Doom code without confusion, and I do not have enough time to start and learn it. (At the moment!)

I have enough time to think on problems, but they are not standard situations, i.e. I can think about and solve the problems, when I am walking, or driving, or eating, or bathing, and so on... but at these moments I cannot use a computer to implement them. I can only memorize the solutions and write them down later.

And I have lots of ideas that if I could work on them myself, (in my favorite environment, i.e. moderately organized Pascal code), I could have done them without any fuss.

But any time I post any of those ideas here to ask Randy if he can develop them, someone ruins the thread and negates any usefulness that this forum should have.

Therefore, I have decided a different approach; we can develop some ideas with the help of each other and offer them as sacrifices to “Altar of Randy” to see if they would be accepted there.

For this method, the original person that suggests the feature should be sure that this feature could be developed by a volunteer programmer and the guidelines and suggestions of the people who may decide to join in. But if none has any comments to share, (s)he should be able to do it alone, just by the help of the programmer that has offered to help the feature to develop.

So, we can start new (“Lets Develop:”) threads and hopefully a programmer who is interested in the final result and has enough spare time to work on it, would volunteer to help and develop it.

And then we can give out the original guidelines for the programmer to start working on it, and if he could finish it after that, then that would be great, but if he encountered any problem that could not be solved alone, he could report them here, and we can try to solve it.

And when the first stage is complete we start the next one and the next, until the feature is fully implemented, or we reach the conclusion that it can not be completed, and for this reason, I suggest that the original person that suggests the feature should know what is in store.

After the feature is completed, we can offer it to the altar to see if it is accepted. :wink:

In addition, please, keep your negative comments away from these threads, like “What a waste of time!” and “This feature is useless.” and the like, maybe we want to waste our time here.

OK, lets rock! :cool: but hey, people please cooperate, and do not let me down, pretty please. :smile:

P.S. Randy, if you think that we should not start such a threads, please say so.
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Post by Tormentor667 »

In my eyes, it's a very good idea because it speeds up the developement of ZDoom, and maybe some programmers can solve problems that even randy isn't capable of. ZDoom is no more the project or the source port of one single person, it is a huge community project since the new forums have been created. So there is no problem with the phrase "Let's develop!" :)

Unfortunately, my programming skill is almost as worse as my english skill :) I even have problems with simple ACS tasks, so I wont be a big help here!
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Post by Sphagne »

Aye, Aye, we have the same problem reguarding the language barriage, I understand.

Both my English, and C programming language are my problems.

But hey, you can help us with additional suggestions for the new features, I am sure.

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